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This class offers preparation for novice obedience competition and touches on pre-novice skills, in accordance with CKC obedience rules.


Covering: focus, heeling, figure 8, fronts & finishes, recall, stays, sit and stand for exam. 


Also covering rules and regulations for CKC competitions. 


There are 8 classes in this series. 

Trial run-through at the last class with a guest judge. 

Instructor: Jerri McPhee 

Instructor assist: Shirley Sarvas


There are a maximum of 8 dogs in the class. 


Note: The SKOC is not an appropriate environment for aggressive dogs. Handlers of aggressive dogs will be referred to trainers who specialize in management of aggression, sometimes called reactivity. Feel free to reach out to and we will be happy to connect you.

Competition Obedience for Novice with Pre-Novice

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