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2023 Member of the Year... Ron McLean!

Member of the Year was awarded to Ron McLean who went above and beyond, with the clean up of the old SKOC building, the moving and transition to a new building, and the painting and readying the new building for use. Ron volunteered many hours of work with all the jobs he did, which was greatly appreciated. Thank you Ron! 


Join the SKOC! 


Our Membership Application is HERE. Pay or renew HERE. 

There are SERIOUS PERKS to SKOC membership! 

  • Advance registration for regular classes 

  • 1/2 price regular classes for working members (after year 1) 

  • Free classes for working members (after year 2 and beyond) 

  • Access to independent (no instructor) drop in times at our facility to train at a cost of $40/month

  • No cost membership renewal for lifetime members (year 25 and beyond)

  • Gain skill and experience working as a volunteer with a community organization

Email your completed application to our Membership Chair, Cathy, at:

Alternately, snail mail or drop off to Cathy at: 

SKOC Membership Chair

40 Bell Crescent,

Saskatoon, SK

S7J 2W3

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