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2022 Member of the Year... Lynn Woods!

Thank you Lynn for all you have done for the club! Teaching puppy classes, intro to rally obedience classes, and taking on the Secretary position... Always willing to help ring steward at our shows and trials. There for set up and take down at our events... Congratulations, Lynn, on being Member of the Year! 

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Lynn MOY 2022.jpg

Join the SKOC! 


Our Membership Application is HERE. Pay or renew HERE. 

There are SERIOUS PERKS to SKOC membership! 

  • Advance registration for regular classes 

  • Drop-in classes for Intermediate and Advanced Obedience offered to members at a cost of $10 per session 

  • 1/2 price regular classes for working members (after year 1) 

  • Free classes for working members (after year 2 and beyond) 

  • Facility access for working members (year 3 and beyond)

  • No cost membership renewal for lifetime members (year 25 and beyond)

  • Gain skill and experience working as a volunteer with a community organization

Email your completed application to our Membership Chair, Cathy, at:

Alternately, snail mail or drop off to Cathy at: 

SKOC Membership Chair

40 Bell Crescent,

Saskatoon, SK

S7J 2W3

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